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Author JB Heller

Wooing His Accidental Wife eBook

Wooing His Accidental Wife eBook

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Marrying my nemesis was not part of my weekend plans... Oops.

Last week I woke up married to my baby sister’s best friend. I blame Alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol and a ridiculous amount of readily available chapels in Vegas.

The catalyst behind our nuptials is of little consequence though. It changes nothing. Adley Jane Grander is my wife, and I’m not mad about it. She, however, isn’t as on board as I’d like. In fact, she’s freaking the hell out.

But, I’m nothing if not determined. And while changing her mind is going to be a massive task, I’m the man for the job.
Step One- Get her to agree to a deal that involves us living together as man and wife for three months.
Step Two- Make her fall in love with me.

I totally got this... I think.

*Wooing His Accidental Wife is the final book in the interconnecting standalone series, Unexpected Lovers. This series is full of laughs, love, a swoony hero or six, and all the steam you've come to expect from JB Heller.

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