JB Heller is a quirky, thirty-something, USA Today Bestselling romance author. She lives on a small property in the bush with her husband, three kids, four dogs, two cats, too many chickens and quails to count, plus a dozen or so sheep, on the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland, Australia.

Close to a decade ago, she entered the indie publishing world and hasn't looked back since. Nowadays, she writes romantic comedies and the occasional contemporary romance, drawing inspiration from the most random things in her everyday life. Seriously, just ask her about her roll of inspirational pleather... (Yes, you read that correctly.)

JB's number one goal when readers pick up her books is to make them smile. Not just any smile, but that genuine curve of the lips that you just can't help because your heart is happy in that precise moment.

Today, with 20+ titles under her belt, JB admits to having trouble balancing her domestic goddess duties with her over-active imagination. But she wouldn’t change anything about her journey thus far.