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Author JB Heller

The Unexpected Lovers Bundle

The Unexpected Lovers Bundle

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Get the Entire Unexpected Lovers eBook Bundle by USA Today Bestselling Author JB HELLER for 25% OFF!

This reduced price is NOT available anywhere else.

Six laugh-out-loud, steamy, and oh-so-swoony romantic comedies perfect for lovers of Pippa Grant, Julia Kent, and Max Monroe just to name a few. This series ticks all the trope boxes with-

Opposites Attract ✓

Workaholic Billionaires ✓

Grumpy Sunshine ✓

Sexy Single Dad ✓

Dirty Talking Manny ✓

Brother's Best Friend ✓

Workplace Romance ✓

Baseball Playing Hotties ✓

Fake Relationships ✓

Oops, Vegas Wedding ✓

Possessive Parrot 

And sooo many more...

"As an author, I live for that moment when my reader's lips twitch involuntarily because the characters have drawn them into their story and the reader can't hold their enjoyment inside any longer and it emerges as the most genuine of smiles." -JB Heller

With reviewers saying things like: "JB has a way of perfectly combining humor, awkwardness, and romance to make some of the best stories. I can always count on her to make me laugh." There's 100% certainty that these books deliver the inescapable smiles.

A brief overview of each book:

The Starfish Method
He lives in the penthouse of the most luxurious complex in the city. She shares an apartment with a lobster...

Hannah spends her days swimming with sharks, chilling with her pet lobster Levi, and avoiding commitment like the plague.
Sam’s days are spent expanding his family’s empire, bickering with his cousin Tom, and dodging scheming gold diggers.

The Covert Cam Girl
Become a covert cam girl to help boost my self-esteem... what’s the worst that can happen? Apparently, everything.

The idea seems innocent enough at first. Turn my room into an online fantasy world, and hide my identity behind a sexy maid's outfit and cute mask. Everything is going great until Atticus Blaine, a gorgeous single dad who I’ve been quietly pining over recognizes me on one of my live feeds...

The Unexpected Manny
Sebastian Bailey is hot AF, but the dude's a total A-hole...

I have no idea what I'm in for when I sign up to interview hot upcoming romance author S. Bailey. For starters, she turns out to be a he—and he's super hot. Unfortunately, he’s also a massive D-bag with a weird thing about punctuality. Being the hot mess that I am, our first meeting was less than stellar, but thankfully the second one went somewhat better. Except for the part where I get roped into playing his fake girlfriend at his sister's wedding. Oh, and all the week-long pre-wedding family festivities.

The Ballbuster's Dilemma
Falling in love with my brother's best friend is absolutely not part of my plan...

Everything in my life is just peachy. Or at least it was until my roommates ditch me and my baseball-playing brother Bates, gets the bright idea to move in and bring his best friend Archer with him. The problem is, Archer and I had a one-night-stand last year and now he thinks we’re meant to be together. I, however, strongly disagree because not only is he Bates's BFF, but I’m also his agent, and I need him throwing balls, not wanting me to play with his.

Falling For His Fake Fiancè
What’s a guy to do to save his MLB career after one too many of his exploits hit the tabloids?

Marry his housekeeper, apparently…

I’m a pretty laid back guy who doesn’t take much outside my job seriously, preferring to party my way through life. But my poor decisions have landed me with The Bad Boy of Baseball, title. I’m totally cool with it, management, however, is not. Luckily my kickass agent’s got a plan to save my butt. Unfortunately, it involves a fake wife in the form of my cute AF housekeeper, and she comes toting a psychotic parrot that’s out for my blood.

Wooing His Accidental Wife
Marrying my nemesis was not part of my weekend plans... Yet here I am.

Last week I woke up married to my baby sister’s best friend. I blame Alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol and a ridiculous amount of readily available chapels in Vegas. The catalyst behind our nuptials is of little consequence though. It changes nothing. Adley Jane Grander is my wife, and I’m not mad about it. She, however, isn’t as on board as I’d like. In fact, she’s freaking the hell out.

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