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Author JB Heller

The Covert Cam Girl eBook

The Covert Cam Girl eBook

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Become a covert cam girl to help boost my self-esteem... what’s the worst that can happen?
Apparently, everything...

The idea seems innocent enough at first. Turn my room into an online fantasy world, and hide my identity behind a sexy maid's outfit and cute mask. Everything is going great until Atticus Blaine, a gorgeous single dad who I’ve been quietly pining over, recognizes me on one of my live feeds.

The epic misunderstanding that follows has me bending over backward to avoid the man. But it's near impossible with us living in the same building. And the little fact that he's determined to hunt me down. It all has to end at some point though, because taking the stairs is really starting to suck.

My roommates say I should just give in and let him catch me. But the decision is taken out of my hands when the sight of his bangin' bod distracts me so much, that I end up scalding myself with boiling hot coffee. He swoops in to save me, but his help comes at a cost...
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