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Author JB Heller

Red Hot Rebel eBook

Red Hot Rebel eBook

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Lethal glares and snarky banter abound when a badass bounty hunter agrees to work alongside a virtual stranger to deliver some vigilante justice…

Relocating to be a part of his baby girl's life wasn’t a hard decision for Gryphon Jamieson. After all, his family means everything to him. Meeting a beautiful woman with a skillset similar to his own was not something he was expecting. But he’s not complaining about it, in fact, he has a proposition for her…

Snow Hunter is sick of being on the right side of the law when she knows without a doubt someone is guilty of a crime. She’s secretly and very happily been delivering her own form of justice to those most deserving. Until her sisters find out and demand restrictions be enforced on her dangerous extracurricular activities.

Enter Gryphon, the mysterious guy who took it upon himself to save her when she most definitely did not need saving. He makes her an offer she should probably accept. So she counters—if he can find her, he can help her.

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