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Author JB Heller

Lakeside Lovers eBook

Lakeside Lovers eBook

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It’s perfectly acceptable to fake amnesia when the guy who popped your cherry then vanished, reappears after an entire decade of silence… right?

He was always it for me, the elusive one. I knew it the moment our lips brushed for the very first time. He was my first kiss. My first love. My everything. Right up until he disappeared—quite literally—the morning following my sixteenth birthday after I’d handed him my V-card on a shiny silver platter.

That was ten long years ago, I’m totally over it. Well, like, mostly over it. So what, I haven’t let another guy below the belt since that night. I don’t need a man in my life, I'm a nerd who has plenty of book boyfriends to occupy my time.

Then Tyler strolls into my library looking for me. All the questions and expletives I thought would spew forth if this moment ever came simply disappeared, just like he had…

I never wanted to leave her but it wasn’t up to me. It crushed me having to go like that, without even a goodbye to the girl who had become my whole world. Not a day has passed that I haven’t thought of her in all these years, so I’m back for what’s mine.

If she wants to play it like she doesn’t remember me, that’s fine. I deserve it. I’ll just have to take her for a walk down memory lane to remind her how good we were together. I will get my second chance and win Margo over again then she’ll be back in my arms where she’s always belonged.

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