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Author JB Heller

Hacker Heart eBook

Hacker Heart eBook

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Feelings and pants ignite when a tech-savvy bounty hunter discovers her best friend’s been keeping a secret…

At nearly twenty-eight years old, Valentine Foster thought he’d have summoned up the guts to admit his feelings to his best friend, Belle. He’s only been pining after her for the past decade after all. But, every time he even considers baring his soul to the gorgeous, leggy blonde his words die a slow and stuttering death on the tip of his tongue. Instead, he turns his desires into a secret work of fiction.

Belle Hunter is the tech whizz of Hunters & Co. Bounty Hunting Agency. Give her a name and social security number and she will find your man. Better yet, throw some bugs, viruses, or glitchy software her way, and she’s in heaven. So when Val asks for her help with his computer, she’s all too happy to put her skills to work. Until she stumbles on something she definitely wasn’t supposed to see, now nothing will stop her from uncovering his secret.

She’s got a hacker's heart, and she’s not afraid to use it. But what will she do when the truth comes out?

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