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Author JB Heller

Catastrophe Magnet eBook

Catastrophe Magnet eBook

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Sparks fly when an accident-prone bounty hunter mistakenly apprehends the wrong guy...

Moving to small town Shiloh Springs from Manhattan was an adjustment Arlo was prepared for. Being accosted by a pocket-sized blonde that made him forget his own name in the middle of the town's one and only coffee shop… not so much.

Kida's badass bounty hunting sisters don’t see her as a valued member of the team. So she may have had a few minor incidents in the past—it’s not like she meant to break that guy's nose... or his collarbone—but Kida is determined to prove her worth.

She's been given one last chance to bring in an easy target, without any broken bones this time. Unfortunately, things don’t pan out the way Kida planned. Now she's left trying to avoid another embarrassing run-in with the town's new hottie while keeping her father in the dark about her latest mishap.

She's totally got this... she hopes.

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