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Author JB Heller

Broken Boys Bundle

Broken Boys Bundle

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Calling all small-town, steamy, second-chance romance lovers!

Want to read an entire series in one setting? This is the bundle for you! Follow four Broken Boys as they find and fight for love in the small town of Shiloh Springs by USA Today bestselling author JB Heller.

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 This author is skilled at writing and I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Loved loved loved this book! - Reviewer

 This story captured every ounce of my attention from the get-go... - Reviewer

  Oh my goodness I mean wow. I cannot be happier...because you guys it’s so freaking GOOD. - Reviewer

Get all four of the Broken Boys today and save 25%. That's one book for FREE!

"These boys are guaranteed to have your heart hammering, pulse racing, and knees weakening as they fight for their happily ever afters..." -JB Heller

A brief overview of each book:

Broken Boys Break Hearts 💞 Hux & Eliza 💞
She wasn’t meant for someone like me. But I couldn’t stay away…

Eliza Quinn was everything I wasn’t.
I never should have talked to her, touched her, kissed her... But she forced her way into my world, making me want things I knew I couldn’t have. I fell for her so hard and so fast despite knowing we were destined for disaster.

Staying with her was never an option. I had to leave Shiloh Springs. And I couldn’t take her with me.

Broken Boys Fight Harder  💞 Carter & Chance 💞
Her name was Chance, and I'd do anything for a second one with her.

Chance Haynes was the antithesis of me: kind, compassionate, and genuine in every way. She ignited something deep inside of me that I didn't know I was capable of.

Together, we were fire. Every glance, every touch was hotter than the last. Until the day she learned her family’s dirty little secret...

Broken Boys Despise Deceit  💞 Mase & Scout 💞
Friends with benefits are all fun and games until someone goes and catches feelings…

Unfortunately, that idiot would be me. I didn’t know how or when it happened, I just knew I couldn’t let it change things between Scout and me.

But with one wrong move, the choice was taken away from me and she skipped town without so much as a goodbye. For over a year I was left wondering what made her run. But nothing could have prepared me for the truth.

Broken Boys Crave Chaos  💞 Kass & Ariel 💞
Is there anything worse than the friendzone? I think not...

I'd just given up on relationships when a pocket-sized Lara Croft came storming into my lobby and knocked me on my ass. We're opposites in nearly every way, but there's something about her that calls to the most primal parts of me.

Problem is, she's planted me firmly in the friendzone. At first, I thought I could deal with it. However, the better I get to know the badass little bounty hunter, the more certain I am that friendship can go screw itself...

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