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Author JB Heller

Broken Boys Break Hearts eBook

Broken Boys Break Hearts eBook

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She wasn’t meant for someone like me. But I couldn’t stay away…

Eliza Quinn was everything I wasn’t.
I never should have talked to her, touched her, kissed her.
But she forced her way into my world, making me want things I knew I couldn’t have.
I fell for her so hard and so fast despite knowing we were destined for disaster.
Staying with her was never an option.
I had to leave Shiloh Springs, and I couldn’t take her with me.

Five years later, my ability to find beauty in the most unlikely of places has seen my photography displayed in galleries all over the country. Then my manager books my next exhibition at one of the most luxurious hotels in New York City. I’m hesitant to go somewhere so close to my old hometown, but then I find out where the exhibition is being held…
The Quinn Plaza,
 Eliza’s family’s hotel.

The girl I once loved is now a woman. Beautiful, sexy—and not happy to see me.
I never expected we’d meet again. But now that we have, I know I’ll never leave her again.

I just have to convince her to give me a second chance…

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